• Mom & daughter owned business

  • Handmade products with care to details

  • Handmade products with care to details

  • Genuine gemstones with unique benefits

  • 50K+ happy customs for 10 years

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Citrine bracelet frontal view.

Joyful Citrine

Dive into the sunlit warmth of our natural Citrine bracelet, a companion on your path to joy, confidence, and fortune. This Citrine bracelet shines as a talisman of positivity and abundance, designed for people eager to embrace life’s brightest moments and pursue success without fear.

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Blue Apatite bracelet frontal view.

Motivational Apatite

Blue Apatite stone is said to be a carrier of clarity, powerful motivation and manifestation. Our beautiful Apatite gemstone bracelet is such a pretty jewelry but also it's a powerful healing tool design to clear the fog of indecision, fuel your drive towards your goals, and help you manifest your dreams into reality.

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Sun stone bracelet front view.

Powerful Sunstone

Sunstone crystal is a strong symbol of independence, power, and happiness. Our natural Sunstone crystal bracelet is carefully crafted for those who celebrate their autonomy, need to boost their inner strength, and embrace joy in every aspect of life. 

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About us

A mom and daughter duo :) 

We are a family business, founded many years ago. We have been creating different handmade products made of genuine crystals, real dried flowers and many more. We have years of experience in selling our creations in local markets, local gift shops and also online to almost each country in the World! 

We are located in Sofia, the capital of small, but so beautiful Bulgaria 💖 All orders are prepared personally by us and shipped from our studio here in Sofia. 

Koroni Creations is our online shop for crystal bracelets and special gift boxes. Feel free to check all items categories and find the perfect products for yourself and for your loved people! Each product we make with attention to details and so much love! Hope you like them and feel the positive vibes we add in each piece 💖

You can also find us on Instagram: @koroni.creations

For any ideas or questions, please feel free to contact us! We would love to help!

Rossy and Kamelia
Koroni Creations

  • Gifts with intention

    Choosing our crystals and gift sets is not just another ordinary product. Each crystal has its unique characteristics and choosing them you actually choose to gift a wish an specific energy!

  • Quality products only

    We have more than 15 years experience in creating and selling handmade items. During this period we have found suppliers that provides us with the top quality materials only!

  • We care for all details

    We look from the position of a client! We prepare each order the way we would like to receive it if we were the customer. This way of thinking makes us care of each detail, from the item to the final packaging.

  • Excellent feedback

    The one thing that makes our day each time is a client feedback! We do care our clients to be happy with their purchases every time. Check the home page below and see what people say about our products and customer service.

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Meditation set, containing print frame, white sage, palo santo, crystal bracelet, candle and other gift elements. Front look.

Just Meditate

Dive into the serene world of mindfulness with our Meditation Gift Set, thoughtfully designed to enhance and enrich your meditation sessions. This set is a treasure trove for yoga enthusiasts and dedicated meditators alike, offering a blend of elements that synergize to create the perfect meditative ambiance.

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Self Love box, front look

Love Yourself

Embrace a journey of inner peace and self-affirmation with our Self-love Gift Box, a beautifully curated collection designed to nurture calm and foster love from within. Crafted with care, each item within this box is organic and presented in soft tones that not only soothe the eyes but also the soul, creating an ambiance of gentle love and self-care.

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Anxiety gift box, containing print frame, white sage, palo santo, crystal bracelet, candle and other gift elements. Front look.

Reduce Anxiety

Gifting an Anxiety and Stress Relief Box is a compassionate gesture, showing someone you care about their well-being and peace of mind. This special package is crafted to soothe, calm, and offer relief from the daily stresses and anxieties of life, making it an invaluable companion in today’s fast-paced world.

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Have any questions? Message us, we would love to help you!