Collection: Intentional Gift Boxes - Send healing energies with our meaningful sets!

Welcome to our collections of meaningful gift sets for women and gift sets for men. All gift sets from this collection are made with a specific intention that you can beautifully present to your loved people! It's not just about the items inside the gift pack, it's about sending a piece of your heart and intentions, making each gift a deeply personal and meaningful exchange.

In this collection, you will find so many gift sets perfect for different occasions and celebrations such as birthday gift sets, gift sets for women and gift sets for men. Whether you need one of a kind birthday gift sets, special holiday gift sets, present for a graduation, a new job celebration, or simply showing appreciation, our gift packs are created to make those moments unforgettable. Whatever the occasion is you will find the perfect gift idea here!

Every giftset in our collection carries its unique vibe and purpose, allowing you to convey precisely what you wish for the recipient. Imagine gifting a box of Prosperity to a friend embarking on an entrepreneurial journey, or a Love box to a loved one open to finding new connections.
For people in need of a health boost, our Get Well gift pack sends wishes of speedy recovery, while the Anxiety giftset is for anyone seeking peace and calm in their life. Each giftset is a way to show your care and wishes, tailored to the needs and dreams of its recipient.

You can also gift these gift sets to yourself as a treat that you have earned. Start the self-love journey by choosing a gift pack that matches your current desires or challenges. If you are aiming at attracting good luck, need energy protection, improve meditation sessions or just a beautiful self-care box for yourself, the power of the crystals within each gift pack is designed to align with and attract your heart's desires, supporting your personal growth and happiness.

With our collection of gift sets filled with intention and meaning we want to help with expressing love, wishes, and support in the most thoughtful way possible. Each box is a bridge between hearts, offering a tangible expression of your deepest feelings and desires for the well-being and happiness of both yourself and your loved ones.

FAQs about gift sets with Intentions:

  1. What occasions are these gift sets suitable for?
    Our gift sets are not created for specific occasion but made for a specific intention. This makes them suitable for all occasions as birthdays, graduations, holidays, new job celebrations, showing appreciation, and more. Just pick the box with the intention you would like to wish to the recipient for their special occasion.

  2. Are the crystals in each gift pack selected based on their energy?
    Each gift pack contains a crystal bracelet and a gemstone keychain. Each stone used for these items is specially chosen for its energy properties, so they can match the whole box's intention.

  3. How can I choose the right gift box I want to gift?
    Check all gift sets in the collection. There are boxes with many different intentions - a box for love, new beginning, recovery, remove anxiety, self-love. Think of the intention or wish you want to gift. Then select the gift pack that represents the intention you want to gift.

  4. Can I send the gift sets directly to the recipients?
    Of course! We would love to send your gifts directly to the recipients. Just be sure to fill the recipient name and address when you place your order. 

  5. Can I add a personal gift message in the gift set?
    Absolutely! We would love to send your personal gift message! When you are placing your order, leave us a note with the message in the note field. We will write your gift message on the back of the gift card and will add it into the box. The recipient will love this surprise for sure :)

  • Mom & daughter owned business

  • Handmade products with care to details

  • Handmade products with care to details

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