Collection: Birthstone keychains - Beaded keyrings with your Star Sign energy!

Check our new collection of gemstone Beaded Keychains made with the best birthstones of each Zodiac Sign! Dive into a world where style meets the magic of the stars! Our Birthstone beaded keychains bring to life the beauty and power of crystals, crafted into charming key accessories - so personal and perfect for gifting! 

Each beads keychain in this collection is made with genuine crystals, connected to a specific Zodiac sign. It's like having a personal shield, or a boost of good vibes made specially for your energy. These gemstone beaded keychains allow you to have a piece of the universe with you, whether it's attached to your keys, bag, or wallet. They are little guardians that vibes specially for your star sign.

Are you an energetic Aries, always ready to conquer the world? The Carnelian stone on the Aries bead keychain will increase your natural fiery spirit, stimulating your passion and drive even more. Or maybe you're a dreamy Pisces, swimming in the deep seas of imagination? The Chalcedony on your keychain is your perfect match, enhancing intuition and bringing a sense of calm and peace. Or you are a proud Taurus? The Black Obsidian of your beads keychain will give you strength and would be your energy protection.

Looking for a gift that's as unique as the recipient's personality? Our zodiac beaded keychains make perfect small gifts for men and women of all ages. Also choosing the specific birthstones is a personalized gift not only for birthdays but also for any special occasion. Whether it is for a friend, family member, or colleague, a bead keychain is a charming reminder of their astrological identity. And even if you are looking for corporate gifts, these cool key chains are again a great option! They are natural, with personalized meaning yet affordable for multiple people presents.

When you want to surprise someone dear a personal expression matters! Whether you're making gift to others or choosing crystal amulet for yourself, a cute beads keychain with birthstones is a daily reminder of the natural and unique energies each of us has!

So, why not carry a piece of your essence with you every day? It’s a small but powerful symbol of who you are and how special and unique everyone is. Our zodiac beaded keychains are pretty accessories and also companions on the road of life, bringing a touch of the cosmos to your everyday.

FAQs about Zodiac birthstone keychains:

  1. How do I choose the right birthstone keychain for me?
    We have a beaded keychain for each star sing - Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces. Choose the one that corresponds to your zodiac sign for a personal energy boost. 

  2. Are these beaded keychains suitable for any gender and age?
    Absolutely! Our birthstones key chains have a minimalistic design that makes them a perfect accessory or gift for anyone. They are suitable for both men and women and also for any ages.

  3. Can I use the key chain for something other than keys?
    Yes, you can attach it to your phone case, bag, wallet, or backpack as a stylish and energetic charm. The main idea is to have the crystals energy near you through the day.

  4. Do these beaded keychains have any healing properties?
    The 3 crystals on each keychain are selected because they are the best stones for the specific zodiac sign. However each crystal has its own healing characteristics which you can see in the each key chain description. For each keychain you will receive 3 cards, explaining the benefits and powers of each stone. 

  5. Can I gift a birthstone beaded keychain for occasions other than birthdays? Definitely! They're perfect for any occasion or even without an occasion - just to make someone happy and to wish them positive energy and luck! And don`t forget to grab a beads keychain for yourself, too, as a personal cute amulet :) Also visit our other keyrings with intention for self-love, protection, energy healing and many more! 

  • Mom & daughter owned business

  • Handmade products with care to details

  • Handmade products with care to details

  • Genuine gemstones with unique benefits

  • 50K+ happy customs for 10 years

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