Collection: Crystal keychains - Small Key Chains for backpacks, car, wallet & more

Welcome to the energetic world of our handmade Crystal key chains collection! These small treasures are crafted by hand with love and a touch of magic. Each of these cute key chains has its special meaning and intention, enchanting energy of the real gemstones, ready to add sparkle and significance to your everyday.

Our stone key rings are an useful accessories but also they are small energy amulets. Each keychain is a combination of 3 different stones that we have carefully chosen for their unique energy powers. Whether it's the calming presence of Amethyst combined with Selenite in the Healing key rings or the bright spark of Citrine, mixed with Green Aventurine into a Lucky keychain, these crystal key rings bring their strength and serenity into your daily life. With each piece, you can easily feel the connection to the Earth energy and its heling powers.

Choose to start your day with a touch of nature's essence. This is what a cute keychain brings to your daily routine. Attached to your keys, wallet or backpack, these delicate crystal key chains remind you of your inner strength and the beauty of staying connected to your intentions throughout the day. Every time you look at your cute stone keychain / bag accessory, you will think of your intention and will keep your spirit uplifted.

Thinking of a specific intention that you would like to attract? Maybe something for a stress relief? A shield of energy protection? Or maybe a `New Start` amulet? With these beaded stone key chains we've got you covered! Browse the models in the collection above and discover so many different models - from a fortune keychain, an amulet for a good health, self care crystal keychain, and many more, each piece is crafted to bring a specific energy into your life.

We make these key rings as a small personal talisman however they are just perfect small surprise for a dear one! Whether you're searching for a thoughtful personalized gift, something cute to brighten someone`s day or maybe a corporate gifts for your staff, these keychains for women and men hit the mark! They could be lovely gifts and also meaningful symbols of care and connection. Small in size but big in intention, these crystal key chains are a great way to show you appreciation or simply spreading a bit of joy and positivity with your loved people.

As you explore our collection, remember that each cute keychain is a small piece of energy. Let it be your daily companions, offering strength, protection, and a constant reminder of the beauty around and within us. Whatever you are dealing with, a quick look at your keys, your cute keychain will remind you that there are bigger and stronger energies around us that help and lead us through any difficulties.

FAQs about Stone beaded key chains:

  1. What makes a crystal keychain special?
    Each crystal keychain is handmade and unique due to the natural patterns of the stones. Each piece represents a specific combination of 3 crystals, specially picked to bring specific energies like protection, confidence, love manifestation and other.

  2. Are the materials used in the key chains eco-friendly?
    We do our best to use sustainable and eco-friendly materials in all our products, including in these key rings. The ring and the chain of each keychain are made from stainless steel and the stones are natural and ethically sourced.  

  3. Are these key chains good for gifts?
    Absolutely! These keychains are perfect gift for both women and men of any age. You can pick a keychain for a birthday gift, to congratulate someone or to treat yourself. Also a meaningful and cute keychain is an amazing idea for wedding favor and corporate gift.

  4. Can I choose a keychain based on my birthstone?
    We have another collection of key chains for all 12 Zodiac signs. Each keychain in this collection is made of the 3 best birthstones for each Zodiac star sign. You can check this collection here.

  5. Can I request a custom keychain?
    At the moment we do not have a specific listing for a custom keychain however if you have a specific request, please contact us. We would love to create a custom keychain, specially made for you! 

  • Mom & daughter owned business

  • Handmade products with care to details

  • Handmade products with care to details

  • Genuine gemstones with unique benefits

  • 50K+ happy customs for 10 years

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