Purple Amethyst crystal heart held in a hand.

Unlocking the Mysteries of Amethyst Crystal - Definition, Properties and Uses

by Koroni Creations


Meaning: Amethyst is known as the "Stone of Intuition and Spiritual Protection". It symbolizes calm, clarity, and tranquility, promoting a deeper understanding of oneself and the universe.

Healing Properties: renowned for its soothing energy, Amethyst crystal aids in alleviating stress, enhancing mental clarity, and supporting emotional equilibrium.

Protection: purple Amethyst serves as a barrier against lower energies and negative environments, fostering a shielded space for spiritual growth.

Usage: Amethyst crystals are used in meditation sessions, as decorative pieces in living areas, or worn as jewelry. Amethyst enriches daily life with its purifying and protective energy.

Care: maintain Amethyst's vibrancy by cleansing with water or Sage smoke and recharging its energies by placing it under moonlight.

The Amazing Amethyst

3 Amethyst stones and Lavender stems.

Amethyst crystal is among the most beautiful gemstones with its charming purple nuances between violet and lavender. It is known for its beauty, and also for its healing spiritual properties. This is why Amethyst is called the "stone of spirituality and peace". The human soul resonates with Amethyst`s calming energy. Over the centuries and across many cultures this stone has captivated people with its beauty and also with its ability to open the spirit and mind to the higher realms of life. That is why Amethyst crystal is called a bridge between the divine and the earthly, and also a protector and guardian during our spiritual growth. In ancient times and now, Amethyst stone is deeply valued and used in meditation and in many spiritual practices, and as a talisman to help calm our problems in life. Last but not least - to kindle the spark of creativity that lies dormant in each of us. This amazing stone energy helps us to be always aware so that we can get to know our own psyche well, develop our intuition and increase our creativity. With the help of Amethyst crystals we achieve grounding, increased calm and wisdom. Its unique appearance speaks to us - "let go of all anxiety to hear the voice of the Divine and receive guidance on your way."

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Amethyst Healing Properties

Physical Healing Properties

Purple Amethyst stone has the fame of a powerful healer - not only in the spiritual sphere, but also on our physical body. Its healing properties are many; the most valuable are those affecting the immune system. It maintains and improves it, and with its energy contributes to the vitality of the person. Believers in crystal healing say that Amethyst properties come from the purifying and protective qualities of this amazing crystal. It clears the energy field of the body from the accumulated negative influences of the environment. It then strengthens the defenses and contributes to stress reduction. Thus, a balance is quickly achieved that leads to good immune health, considering the link between stress reduction and good immunity. Although there is no direct evidence for specific effects of Amethyst, the stone is a very popular choice of holistic practitioners. Amethyst stone is among the main healing crystals, because of its purple charm and positive influence on the health of the body. On a physical level, Amethyst is also associated with the regeneration of cells. For this, a deep soothing sleep helps and it is this crystal placed near us at night that guarantees rest , bringing strength and cheerfulness.

Mental and Emotional healing properties

Amethyst piece held in a hand during meditation.

Amethyst crystal is best known and sought after for its calming effect, both on the mind and emotions. It is loaded with great potential to relieve stress and anxiety, so it is a reliable helper in panic attacks. This calming quality of the purple crystal makes it a tool used in many spiritual practices. Amethyst replaces confusion and chaos with calmness and clarity. Therefore, this stone is often used in meditation to eliminate stress, as it promotes a sense of mental balance. For those people who often panic, Amethyst helps immediately by calming the reaction of stress. This is how a pause is achieved when the mind relaxes and regains its composure. The longer the purple crystal is with us, the more resistant we become to stress, because we face our feelings with greater clarity and less overwhelm. The result is stability of emotions, and therefore easier handling of challenges of life. Our views become balanced and clear. Whether we wear Amethyst as jewelry, decorate our home with Amethyst pieces or hold it during yoga and meditation sessions, Amethyst remains a faithful helper and ally to deal with the challenges of modern life.

Metaphysical properties

Metaphysical properties of Amethyst crystals are related to the ability to influence our intuition, through the impact on the Crown chakra. In this way, a person's creativity is greatly increased. The purple beauty of the Amethyst crystal is able to hypnotize us, opening the doors to higher states of consciousness. Thus we reach deep self-knowledge and understanding of life and the universe.

Enhancing intuition

Amethyst stone is known for its quality of increasing intuition. It becomes a path along which each person is able to reach their subconscious and innate wisdom. Very often our mind is clouded by the noise of the everyday life and then this stunning purple crystal comes to the rescue and clears this fog, replacing it with intuitive thoughts and advice. Thus, Amethyst has become a true spiritual tool used by anyone who wants to connect more deeply with their own intuition and make the right decisions in their life.

Connection to the Crown Chakra

7 different crystals on a hand, representing the 7 Chakras.

Amethyst gemstone is directly connected to the Crown chakra. This is the energy center that governs our connection with the universal consciousness and divine forces. The violet crystal helps to truly awaken spiritually by balancing and strengthening this chakra. Thus, each person with the help of Amethyst is able to reach enlightenment, growing spiritually. Gaining clarity, the mind is already in a state of awareness and achieves incredible calmness and serenity.

Creativity booster

Along with all the spiritual benefits, Amethyst also increases creativity and imagination. The mind opens to new ideas, inspiration and dreams. This purple stone achieves this by aligning the energies of the chakras and clearing the mind of blockages and intrusive thoughts. Many creative people have found its help in themselves expression, as the crystal influences the free flow of ideas necessary for any new project. Amethyst truly stimulates creativity by enhancing intuition and spiritual enlightenment. Its connection with the Crown chakra makes it a powerful stone, an ally of those who want to improve their spiritual practice, increase their creative output and be inspired in life and in their profession.

Zodiac Birthstone

Amethyst bracelet, Amethyst piece and an Aquarius zodiac sign.

Amethyst stone occupies a special place in the hearts of Aquarians with its majestic and beautiful purple hues. This beautiful precious crystal is considered the birthstone for Aquarians, symbolizing their most characteristic qualities, independence, humanity, intelligence. Amethyst radiates soothing and intuitive energies that deeply resonate with the insightful spirit of Aquarius. This balances the emotions and the mind and creates an environment where creativity and clarity flourish. Amethyst crystals help Aquarius in their search for spiritual paths and spiritual support. The stone gives impetus to the development of their innate ingenuity and humanity. Amethyst can be a wonderful and faithful companion, sensing the unique astrological vibrations of Aquarius. This crystal support in this way will be irreplaceable, especially in cases where Aquarius has started on the path of self-discovery.

What to use Amethyst for

Amethyst is known mostly as the stone of intuition. He should always stay close to you to make sure that your mind is always clear, strong and awake. Stay connected with this enchanting violet stone. Amethyst crystal can be present in your daily life as a beautiful piece of jewelry as an Amethyst necklace, bracelet or a ring, but you can also very successfully weave it into a Feng Shui project. The divine healing properties of Amethyst are also remarkable and can guarantee you an improvement in concentration, calming stress and balancing all chakras.

Home & Office

A great way to increase the aesthetic appeal of the home and office is to incorporate the beauty of Amethyst. It will incredibly enhance both the atmosphere of creativity and protection. For these purposes, you can use this gemstone as a powerful tool in the form of pyramids and spheres. Namely the Amethyst pyramid, with its geometric precision, amplifies and directs the natural energy of the crystal. It is often placed in workspaces to encourage creativity, innovation and inspiration. The shape of the pyramid is associated with strength and stability. Therefore, it is a symbol of attracting new ideas, and turning intentions into reality. Amethyst spheres, on the other hand, radiate energy equally in all directions, creating balance and harmony in space. They will calm and relax you if you decorate your home with them, while in the office they will support and encourage clear thinking, good communication and innovation, which are the basis for successful, creative and collaborative work.  Amethyst pyramids and spheres are strikingly beautiful and complement any interior as decoration. But their magical and metaphysical properties turn them into focal points for attracting positive energy and thus become spiritually beneficial. Place Amethyst crystals in strategic areas in your home or office both for decoration and to enhance the energy that supports your ability to work and protects you from negative influences to live and work in a peaceful and productive environment.

Amethyst Jewelry

Amethyst bracelet on a wrist.

Тhe easiest and most effective way to experience the unique qualities of real Amethyst is by wearing it as a jewelry piece. Amethyst is a sophisticated and modern stone very often used for making stone bracelets, necklaces and rings. You will enjoy both its beauty and its soothing and intuitive energies. Amethyst embodies the core of calmness and emotional healing which makes it a powerful talisman to help those seeking spiritual development or emotional well-being.

Amethyst is a well-liked and beloved crystal. Many people integrate it into jewelry, either as a stand-alone gemstone or in combination with others crystals. This is how it connects us with the powerful energy of the Earth. The beautiful purple Amethyst, through its vibrations, heals, protects and uplifts us on all levels.

Amethyst combined with Selenite and Clear Quartz is a powerful combination for energy healing. Selenite is known for its ability to purify and recharge, clear quartz amplifies energies and in combination with Amethyst creates a binding synergistic effect that supports the physical and spiritual well-being.

The combination of Amethyst, blue Aquamarine and pure Clear Quartz is very successful for people who seek peace in their everyday life. Aquamarine helps relieve anxiety and attracts energies that reduce stress. Clear Quartz amplifies positive energies, and Amethyst provides a protective and calming presence.

AMETHYST + ROSE QUARTZ + CLEAR QUARTZ                            
The combination of violet or purple Amethyst with Rose Quartz and Clear Quartz is designed to promote love, clarity and healing of emotional wounds. This is one of the most used crystal combinations and a must-have for everyone, starting their journey with the powers of gemstones. The combination of these three crystals will help you when you need to smooth over misunderstandings. Rose quartz opens and calms the heart, Amethyst brings balance and harmony to emotions, and Clear Quartz amplifies the qualities and power of both.

The combination of Amethyst, Amazonite and Opalite was created for a successful and deep connection between the divine and the human soul. These three beautiful crystals complement each other to bring the wearer a deep meditative experience. Amazonite promotes self-knowledge and self-respect. Opalite improves communication and connection with oneself on a spiritual level, and Amethyst stone improves a person's psychic and meditative abilities.

AMETHYST in 7 Chakra Bracelet                  
7 Chakras crystal beaded stretch bracelet made of different gemstones. Close front look.

Amethyst is one of the crystals, often included in 7 Chakra crystal bracelets. In these bracelets a combination of 7+1 different gemstones is specially chosen to support our energy system and maintain the balance and health at all spiritual centers. There are many stones, representing each of the 7 Chakras. However the most often used crystal for each Chakra is:

- Carnelian (Root chakra)
- Citrine (Sacral chakra)
- Tiger’s Eye (Solar Plexus chakra)
- Green Aventurine (Heart chakra)
- Turquoise (Throat chakra)
- Lapis Lazuli (Third eye chakra)
- Amethyst (Crown chakra)

Each of these gemstones contributes with its unique energy to maintain the health, harmony and vitality of the person. Amethyst is directly associated with the seventh chakra, better known as the Crown chakra. This chakra is represented by the color purple, and it is specifically considered the Crown chakra because the energy and spiritual center lie at the very top of the head. Amethyst stone calms us down and reduce stress, allowing us to attain mental clarity and focus our minds on attaining inner peace. Since it is connected to the Crown chakra, having Amethyst energy can help you break free from negative energies and experience bliss.

How to clean your Amethyst gemstone?

The purity of Amethyst is essential to the strength of its vibrational energy. It will ensure that your beautiful purple crystal will continue to be a powerful tool for healing the physical body and for spiritual growth.

Here are some effective ways to clean your Amethyst:

Sage bundle, Palo Santo, Selenite and Amethyst piece on a white surface.

Clearing with Palo Santo and Sage smoke            

Palo Santo and Sage are the most used methods because of their powerful cleansing properties. To cleanse your Amethyst, gently pass it through the smoke of a burning Palo Santo or Sage bundle. Their sacred smoke clears the negative energies absorbed by the crystal during the day. The aromatic smoke purifies the Amethyst and also fills the space around you with its calming aroma.
Cleansing with Selenite
Selenite is a beautiful white crystal known for its vibrational energy and cleansing properties. It is believed to powerfully absorbs negative energies. This characteristic makes it an excellent companion and helper. To cleanse an Amethyst crystal or jewelry piece, made of Amethyst, place it next to a Selenite rod or bead overnight. Selenite does not need cleansing as it is believed to self-cleanse itself. It will neutralize any negativity that the Amethyst stone has absorbed and has effectively recharged itself with positive energy.

Moonlight Bathing
Place the Amethyst crystal under the light of a Full Moon to cleanse it and recharge it with nice positive energy. This gentle light is especially powerful for this purpose. Leave your Amethyst outside or on a windowsill to absorb the moonlight all night. This method infuses the crystal with the purifying energy of the Moon, increasing its healing properties.

Each of these cleaning methods will renew your Amethyst stone or jewelry piece, connecting you even more to it so that it continues to be a source of balance, intuition and creativity. Clean your Amethyst regularly in one of the recommended ways to keep it effective and vibrant for a long time and to give you serves as an energy talisman.


Final words summary

Amethyst is one of the most beautiful crystals with its lovely hues ranging from deep violet to soft lavender. People invest it not only in beautiful jewelry, but also value it as a healer of the spirit, emotions and body. We have looked here at both the characteristics of Amethyst and its deep healing qualities. This crystal has countless uses and applications of its powerful energies. This stone is perfect for anything - from adorning Amethyst jewelry to strengthen personal energy and protection, to using it in the home and workplace to attract creativity, successful endeavors, and excellent interpersonal communication.

Regular cleaning of Amethyst crystal is of great importance for the strength and vibrancy of its energies. Any of the cleaning methods will eliminate accumulated bad tension and charge your crystal with positive power. It does not matter which of the methods you choose. It can be Palo Santo smoke and Sage, the touch of Selenite or standing under the gentle moonlight. All these practices will ensure that Amethyst stone will be your constant companion on your way to physical health, inner balance and spiritual development.

In conclusion, let us wish you the power of Amethyst to accompany you on your healing and spiritual journey. Let it bring you peace, creativity and development of your intuition. Whether you are drawn to the stunning purple beauty of the crystal or its benefits for your spiritual development, Amethyst is always ready to enrich your life with its charming, pure and transformative energy.

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FAQ about Amethyst

How to tell if Amethyst is real?  
Real Amethyst will be cool to the touch and will retain its coolness even after you hold it in your hand. Amethyst crystal should be violet in color. However it can have different shades from clear violet to deep purple with white stripes. Genuine amethyst will also have a hardness of 7 on the Mohs scale, which means it can scratch materials like copper, but not harder ones like diamond.
How to use Amethyst for anxiety?
Amethyst can be very successfully used for stress. Simply hold it in your hand when you are anxious so that its calming energy can reach your mind. The presence of an amethyst crystal in your home or workplace will create a calm and fruitful atmosphere. If you need inner spiritual peace and balance, wear amethyst jewelry every day.
How to meditate with Amethyst?
Amethyst is a good friend and helper for any meditator. Hold a piece of crystal in your hand or place it in front of you while meditating. Focus on the energy of the stone allowing its calming vibrations to relax you to bring you into a deep state of meditation. Amethyst's connection to the Crown chakra will also help improve spiritual awareness and increase intuition during your meditative practice.

What are the benefits of Amethyst? 
Amethyst intensifies our intuition and creativity, calms the mind and brings us soul balance and harmony. It is also known for opening the mind to new ideas and insights, stimulating our artistic expression in front of people. The energy of this beautiful purple crystal enchants us every time we look at it we feel as it brings peace, tranquility and serenity to our soul.

What is the spiritual meaning of Amethyst?
Amethyst is associated with cleansing the aura of negative energies, regardless of whether they are from the environment or other people. It then protects us by creating a protective shield of positive and very powerful vibrations around the body. Thus, Amethyst helps to increase our spiritual awareness and our personal development.

Is Amethyst a precious stone?
The price of Amethyst can vary. In the past it was more difficult to find and was considered very valuable. The discovery of large deposits of Amethyst nowadays makes it a more affordable gemstone. Prices would be higher for crystals with many intense and deep violet color or for larger stones.

What energy does Amethyst have?
Amethyst is known to soothe and protect. These two main qualities make it our reliable helper when we need to deal with stress and anxiety and bring peace and harmony into our daily lives.

Where does the color of Amethyst come from?
Amethyst is one of the most loved and used gemstones. Amethyst violet to purple color is due to impurities of iron in the quartz and exposure to natural radiation from the surrounding rocks. This process causes a change in the crystal structure which leads to the purple colors in various shades.

How to charge Amethyst?
To energize your Amethyst stones, place them under a Full Moon light for an entire night. This natural method allows the crystal to absorb the energy and power of the moon and to restore its healing properties. Another way is to place it in the ground for 24 hours so that the Earth forces can cleanse and recharge it.

Can Amethyst jewelry be worn every day?
Wearing Amethyst jewelry every day is a wonderful and correct choice. Its violet beauty will decorate our daily life. Its resistance and durability make it suitable for regular use, but it is still necessary to be careful of exposure to strong chemicals or mechanical damage.

How should I care for my Amethyst jewelry?
Amethyst jewelry needs gentle care so that its beauty always shines brightly. Care includes careful cleaning with lukewarm water and soap, and a soft brush to remove possible dirt. Amethyst does not like exposure to direct sunlight and high temperatures, so it can to preserve its unique violet color.

Can Amethyst be combined with Rose Quartz?
The combination of Amethyst with Rose Quartz is one of the most used mixes in jewelry or holistic healing practices. This is because the natural energies of these 2 stones go very well together, enhance love, harmony and protection. The combination of Amethyst and Rose Quartz is said to balance all energy centers in the body.

Is Amethyst good for a gift?
Amethyst is an excellent choice for a gift to a loved one, relative or friend. You can give it as a gift for a birthday, anniversary or any other occasion. It will be loved for its purple beauty and the benefits it brings such as peace, confidence and protection. Thus you will wish well-being, happiness and success.

What is Amethyst good for? 
Amethyst is known for its ability to calm the mind and heart and protect the human aura from negative influences. It does a great job of removing stress and anxiety. It strengthens and develops intuition, helps our emotional balance and promotes our spiritual growth.

Where to place Amethyst on the body?
Amethyst is most often worn as jewelry or a personal talisman. An Amethyst necklace worn near the throat or heart enhances emotional communication. An Amethyst crystal placed over the crown chakra or third eye during meditation will aid in your spiritual practice and personal development.

How do I activate Amethyst?
Amethyst activates when it touches your body, so just hold it in your hands. Imagine light around you as you pray or set your intentions and dreams. When the crystal is in your hands there is an alignment between its energy and yours.

How rare is Amethyst?
Amethyst is more widely distributed than many other gemstones. This makes it more readily available. High-quality Amethyst abrasives with deep purple saturation and clarity are rarer and therefore more valuable.

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